September 14, 2016

Brian Libby demonstrates Turning  a  Twig  Pot

Twig pots or weed pots are a nice way to use up odd pieces of wood, and best of all you can go into the back yard and take a branch or small sapling and create a nice little gift !

Turning should be about having some fun !

This is a quick and very easy project that will help hone your skills.

Don’t forget about the Presidents challenge! Turn a spurtle !!!

September 14th at 6pm in the Dirigo High School Woodshop



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September Meeting

Presidents  Challenge

Summer is in full swing and before we know it, it will be time for our September meeting !

This past week I have had a lot of time to sit around and think,  sooooo here is my plan.

Most months I will issue a challenge for the next meeting. My challenge for the September meeting is to turn a spurtle. It can be simple or very ornate, most of all  HAVE FUN !!

Size – about 12” long b ¾ to 1” at the handle with the smallest part about 3/8” to ½”.



September 14th  at 6pm in the Dirigo High School Woodshop

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JUNE 8, 2016




will demo on Wednesday June 8th

Turning an acrylic pen

6PM Dirigo High School woodshop

Hopefully Mike can do his demo in the fall!

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JUNE 8, 2016

Mike  Chase

On June 8th Mike will step behind the “Mustard Monster” and work his magic by turning a toothpick dispenser. This is a design that was featured in Wood Magazine –  Issue 182, March 2008.

toothpick dispenser

Mike is a great demonstrator and will take us step by step through the process making of this very unique and useful project. It is a great gift idea for the Holiday season.

This is our last meeting until September and one that you certainly do not want to miss!

Wood raffle and Show & Tell

June 8th  at 6pm in the Dirigo High School Woodshop

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May 11, 2016

Al Mather

Demonstrates turning a biscuit cutter

Al makes hundreds of these classic biscuit cutters every year and will lead us through the process he uses to achieve the final product.

Yes, Al does use other tools besides the skew !!

This is usually a twice turned project-first it is rough turned, then put in a kiln and when it is dried it will bet turned again to its finished shape.

Reminder – Bring in that finished half turned item for the “Half Turned Challenge”

Wood raffle and Show & Tell

May 11th at 6pm in the Dirigo High School Woodshop

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April 13 ,2016

Open Mic Night ……….

Well sort of !

Actually the Sharing of Ideas. This will be a group discussion on various turning subjects.

Some of the subjects will be

  • Holding that piece of wood on the lathe
  • Hollowing techniques and equipment
  • Design
  • Bring in a tool with a special grind for a specific purpose and explain why you like it
  • Inspiration from Totally Turning

A great opportunity to exchange ideas and techniques

Bring in that half turned item for the “Half Turned Challenge”

Wood raffle and Show & Tell

April 13th at 6pm in the Dirigo High School Woodshop


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MARCH 9, 2016

Al  Mather

 Turning small decorative “Christmas” trees

“I will put an emphasis upon the skew chisel, and will discuss and demonstrate one style of these trees with which I use the skew for the majority of the shaping.

We will have time for some practice turning. Members are encourage to bring their skew chisels and detail spindle gouge and also a narrow parting tool if they have them, and try some of my suggestions My tools will be available for member to try as well.

The object for this practice time, is not to learn every cut the skew can be used for, but to have some practice time for the specific cuts used to shape the trees.”

There will be several mini lathes to get one-on-one help and also have some fun !

Bring your FACE SHIELD, skew, detail gouge and thin parting tool 

NO wood raffle or show & tell

Wednesday-March 9th-6 PM-Dirigo High wood shop-Dixfield Maine


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February 10, 2016

Peter Walen

Will be our demonstrator for the evening. We don’t know exactly what pete has up his sleeve, but it will diffently be worth attending to see!

 —————-UPDATE !!!!!!——————–

Pete will demonstrate

Burned, cut and spray painted art pieces

12659673_995250070559789_357317542_n12659573_995247210560075_1428844692_n 12666532_995248120559984_989527637_n


Wednesday, February 10th, Dirigo High School Woodshop 6PM



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January 13, 2016

Brian Libby demonstrates using a flexible shaft tool to embellish your turnings.  This will be the passing on of information that he learned after taking a class with Steven Kennard at the Center for Furniture Craftsmanship in September.

The demo will start with the basics of turning a small box and then show how to really make that box stand out with some simple embellishment.









Dirigo High School Woodshop

Wednesday – January 13, 2016 

6PM to 9 PM

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December 9, 2015

Christmas Party

Pot luck supper – please bring a dish to share

(Don’t forget the serving utensil – the club provides plates, silverware and drinks)

Gift exchange (Yankee Swap) for those who wish to participate 

(home-made is preferable)

Spouses and kids are also invited !


No Show & Tell or wood auction

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