September 13th Meeting – Brian Libby

brians horn

This month we are going to have our president, Brian Libby, step behind the lathe or the mustard monster, as he calls it. He is going to show us how to make a Ceilidh Horn.

A Ceilidh horn is a Celtic drinking horn and it’s pronounced “kay lee”. Ceilidh in Scottish and/or Irish means party, gathering, or celebration. These gatherings usually involve traditional music, dancing, and of course drinking. In the Iron Age of northern Europe, the traditional drinking horn would have been used with wine or mead to make toasts, celebrate weddings, or just imbibing at banquets!

Also don’t forget the President’s challenge of turning an egg and embellishing it in someway.

Our next meeting is Wednesday, September 13th starting at 6 pm in the Dirigo High School woodshop.

At the end of the night, we will have our usual show and tell as well as our world famous wood raffle.

decorated horn

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