February 13th – Sheila Wiken

Sheila Wiken's music pens

Let’s try this again. This month our President, Sheila Wiken, will be demoing how to turn a laser cut, themed pen.

Are you always looking for personalized gift idea? It’s not too early to start thinking about how to personalize gifts for birthdays, graduations, special occasions or even Christmas. These are available in many military, occupational, hobby, and animal themes and almost everything else and include various degrees of difficulty. Ideas will include the easiest themed kits, as well as some kits that will take more patience but the turning is the
same in all.

We will be having our usual show and tell. Along with our world famous wood raffle.

Join us Wednesday, February 13th from 6 -9 pm in the Dirigo High School woodshop for our monthly meeting.

If RSU 56 should cancel school that day, we will also be canceled.

Sheila Wiken's Kokopele pen

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